Three new faces on Mars discovered by an internet nerd!

Here is where our intrepid little internet nerd had to say about his discovery:

“I thought we’d had enough of those ‘faces’ on Mars but heck, there’s more!! What do you do when they keep popping up?

Here’s three more ‘faces’ that I found whilst browsing a Mars image. I’ve converted the B/W images into a lightish brown to bring out the relief a little better. I have also increased the contrast some.

Now before I’m hounded, I’d like to clarify that I do not insist that these are proof of a long gone alien civilization on Mars. But then again, who knows?? All three ‘faces’ seem to belong to different races. The last one resembles a Grey!!”


“Imagination? Rock formations? Whatever, these except the last one, resemble the ‘face’ on Cydonia. If the latter has positively been debunked and proved beyond doubt that it’s just a natural rock formation, then these can be considered natural geological formations too.

But as far as I know, the jury is still out on that one!! ” mikesingh

Hmmm… to quack or not to quack?


2 Responses to “Three new faces on Mars discovered by an internet nerd!”

  1. Way to go Mike…keep up the good work.

    You never know, you might find something that really rocks the world. Wonder what everyone would say then..

  2. The human brain is wired for facial recognition and becouse of that, we quickly identify whatever resembles one. Sorry, these ‘faces’ are nothing more than unusual rock formations.

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