Slackerwire For President 2016 !

An old friend is running for President in 2016 ere is what he stands for, will you join me in starting a grass roots efort to get him elected?

My positions:

-Secure the borders by whatever means necessary. This includes militarizing the southern border to deal with the continued threats from mexico.

-End all foreign aid. Unconstitutional, and a waste of our taxpayers money.

-End welfare. If you want help, you WILL work. No one can be on welfare for a period longer than 6 months.

-End Iraq conflict. complete withdrawl with the exception of a small security contingent so that we may take however much oil we need.

-Abolish the IRS and put in place a consumption tax.

-An immediate reduction in spending of 15-20% in all federal programs.

– Elimination of all federal departments that arent authorized by the Constitution.

– I will also push for federal legislation criminalizing the act of proposing or voting for any law which violates the Constitution.

– Federal recognition of the right of someone to marry any consenting adult regardless of sex.

– Elimination of all tax exempt status of any faith based organization that gives support to any political candidate or issue.

– Legalization/decriminalitzation of all currently prohibited substances. The federal government has no power to dictate what one may or may not put into their own body.

– An immediate 50% reduction in visas issued. We have enough people here, lets slow down all immigration.

– Once and for all I would repeal the section of the 14th Amendment that is currently being exploited by illegal aliens.

I would remove government from healthcare and let the free market make the decisions.

I am:

Pro gun
Anti tax
Pro Small government
Anti republican
anti democrat
Pro freedom


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